Wood fired bakery ovens

Rotating hearth ovens

Ephrem, is proud to present its wood burning bread oven for bakeries. Using a wood burning bread oven to cook your bread, cakes, tarts, pies and pizzas is not only a great way to enhance their flavor, but also enables you to designate your products as “baked in a wood oven,” which is sure to give them additional appeal. To meet the needs of baking professionals, every bakery oven is manufactured in the highest quality materials and is equipped with a humidifier unit with resistors, a complete switch electric box, and a rustic, refractory-brick veneer. Our wood burning bread oven range also features swing doors that makes it easy to slip the food inside. In addition, the Ephrem wood burning bakery oven range comes in varying capacities: choose the 2000 rotating hearth bakery oven up to 25kg (55 pounds) of dough, the 4000 rotating hearth bakery oven up to 50kg (110 pounds), or the 7000 rotating hearth bakery oven up to 90kg (198 pounds) of dough.

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