Professional - commercial pizza ovens

Wood Fired ovens for pizzerias, restaurants etc.

Our professional oven products are ideal for cooking all sorts of pizza, bread, slow-cooked dishes and grilled meats. From the 160 commercial pizza oven and its output of up to 160 pizzas per hour, to the 120 Pizza Truck Special oven,, we have a professional pizza oven to suit every caterer. Every professional oven that we sell is manufactured from high quality refractory materials and complies with International Standards. In addition, vault heights in our professional oven range have been carefully calculated to ensure optimum heat circulation, minimize wood consumption, and facilitate the loading of wood, pizzas and bread. For more information about accessories to fullfill our commercial pizza oven range, see Practical accessories

Gas fired pizza Oven for trucks

Try our commercial pizza truck oven specially designed for pizza vans, take-away pizzerias or fast food restaurants. As a gas-fired oven, it is both safe, easy to control and convenient.