Oven accessories & equipment

Ephrem Distribution is not only an established manufacturer of wood fired ovens, but also supplies a wide range of pizza oven equipment and accessories, suitable for both home and professional use. All our pizza oven accessories have been designed and are manufactured with the same attention to detail and concern for quality that characterizes our pizza ovens.

Our comprehensive range of practical pizza oven accessories includes both wooden and metal pizza peels, long-handled brushes and oven thermometers. We also offer numerous decorative pizza oven equipment options, such as an ash collector, insulated door, or decorative veneer, to enhance your wood burning oven’s performance and appearance.


  • Practical Practical


    Useful, high quality oven accessories for daily use

    Ephrem is pleased to offer an extensive range of practical, good quality pizza oven equipment and usefull tools, all of which have been specially designed to make using your oven an even safer and more enjoyable experience. For loading and removing pizzas, our pizza peels are sure to prove simply indispensable pizza tools. Other practical pizza tools are a long-handled oven scraper, for moving ash or embers within the oven, and a long-handled brush, to clear ash. To enable you to monitor temperatures within your wood-fired oven with accuracy, our pizza oven equipmental so includes a choice of high temperature oven thermometers capable of measuring temperatures from as low as -60°C right up to 500°C. Should you wish to grill or smoke meat, fish or vegetables, then our grilling rack is an item of pizza equipment that will make life much easier! To complete the line-up of pizza oven equipment, take your pick from such useful items as a pipe connection, flue trap, insulated door, ash collector, wall bracket, and more.

  • Decorative Decorative


    Choose from decorative pizza oven accessories galore!

    As specialists in wood-fired ovens and pizza restaurant equipment for several decades, Ephrem manufactures products that deliver great performance while also looking good. Proof of this is our wide range of decorative pizza oven accessories that lend a personal touch to your wood-burning pizza oven, and turn it into a truly eye-catching feature of your home or professional pizza restaurant premises. Our collection of pizza oven accessories can also improve the functionality of your pizza restaurant equipment : for example, fitting a cast-iron double door to your pizza oven is a practical way to optimize heat and to keep your oven clean when not in use. The Ephrem range of pizza oven accessories also includes a variety of decorative veneers to suit the various models of wood ovens that we supply. Choose one of our brick veneers for a rustic appearance, or opt for an artificial stone veneer for a clean and simple finish. For a touch of style, why not take a look at our Arcade veneer, which blends a brick arch with a neutral cream background? Finally, for those in search of a slightly more striking effect, our Sunburst, Agadir or Flame veneers will provide the sophisticated note that’s required. Whatever the pizza restaurant equipment you require, Ephrem has the answer!