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Tips for wood-oven-cooking

A wood-burning oven is the perfect way to create delicious meals! To discover our best pizza recipes how to make bread , or even how to cook a mixed grill, pan roast, gratin, pies or tarts in a wood fired oven, just follow our instructions for cooking over a wood fire . All you have to do is build a fire inside the oven and then, when the embers are ready, start cooking. For more information on wood-burning oven heating and cooking times, take a look at these simple instructions for baking in a wood burning oven.

 Ephrem deliver to you some wood fired oven tips

How to make pizza:

Heat up the oven an hour beforehand, using 4 to 7 logs. When the embers are ready, push them off to the sides. Brush off the floor with a long-handled brush, slide in your pizza. Bake 2 to 4 minutes.

How to make bread

Heat the oven white-hot (the dome will become white). Remove the embers and let the temperature drop to 200-250°C. Slide in the bread and close the door.

How to cook a mixed grill

Prepare a slightly smaller quantity of embers and push them off to the sides. Place the meats on a free-standing or sliding grill (warning: they cook very rapidl).

How to pan-roast:

For roasts, chickens, gratins, etc., preheat the oven as above for pizzas. Place your pan in the oven, covered with a sheet of aluminum foil so the food cooks all the way through. Towards the end, remove the foil to brown the top.

Note: Most baking will be done with the door open, except for bread, tarts, and slow cooking where the embers are removed from the oven (pot roasts, stews, etc.).

Ephrem deliver to you some wood fired oven recipes