How to build a pizza oven, by Ephrem

Wood fired oven assembly: Your step-by-step guide

Want to know how to build a pizza oven ?

Read the handy wood fired oven construction guide below and watch our wood fired oven assembly video.

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Below, Ephrem explains how to build a pizza oven


On a flat, stable surface, construct two support legs using 15cm cement blocks, and then lay a 10cm thick reinforced concrete slab.

Prepare a 2cm-3cm thick layer of mortar on which to construct the oven floor, checking that it is perfectly flat.

Construct the oven, without mortaring the joints.

Build a wall around the oven using 10cm cement blocks. Do not use cellular concrete. Construct a flue with inner dimensions of 20 cm x 20 cm.

Surround the oven with a layer of rock wool 5cm-10 cm thick, then cover it with about 10 cm of sand, or apply (rock wool-free) expanded concrete.

Build a roof over the oven and add the desired trim.

Your pizza oven is complete!

How to build an Ephrem wood fired oven